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Antelope Hunting - Featured Outfitters

Featured Antelope Hunting outfitters, guides and lodges.


Flight 51
Phone: (800) 847-0834

Our antelope tags cover 5 units in southern Alberta. The trophy potential in our area is great as many B & C bucks have been harvested. With such a huge area to cover, scouting is paramount in locating big antelope. The hunt is a good one for sportsmen who look to combo hunt waterfowl and upland with antelope the season is the last week of September. There will be lots of antelope to look at and selecting the right buck to go after is always a challenge. Rifle hunt runs last week of September.

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Raging Point Outfitters
616 N Mountain View Rd, Star Valley, AZ 85541
Phone 1: (928) 978-4943, Phone 2: (928) 978-5422

Pronghorn are found through the state but the quality of these bucks are located in the northern & eastern part of the state. Our most productive method of hunting these unique animals is Spot and Stock. On this particular hunt we spend a great deal of time glassing, trying to locate the buck of your choice. The key to harvesting a quality buck on these hunts is the preseason scouting with the addition and the ability to accurately field judge these bucks correctly. We hunt the open country, cedar flats, and the tall pines of northern & eastern Arizona, so long distance shooting is a must. It is not uncommon to take rifle shots over 400 yards on a antelope.

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SC2 Outdoors
17905 Rivers Edge Drive, Red Bluff, CA 96080
Phone: (530) 999-8003

Our Pronghorn Antelope hunts are conducted on public and private land during the general seasons. What sets us apart from other outfitters is our dedication to scouting. It is our scouting, our optics, our equipment and our confidence in finding bucks that others won’t look for. Is it easy? No. Is it rewarding? Absolutely. We often find our greatest goats on public lands, we are not down playing “private land”, we do hunt private lands as well, but it is far from a prerequisite to harvesting trophy pronghorn bucks.

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KB Style Adventures
PO BOX 824, Eads, CO 81036
Phone: (719) 691-5642

Pronghorn are exciting to hunt and can be a thrill for even the most accomplished hunter. Doe pronghorn also offer youth hunters a great opportunity to have a fulfilling outdoor experience. Enjoy wide open spaces far from the bustle of “modern society” and hunting “KB Style.” We can customize any hunt to meet your specifications!

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Western Outdoor Adventures
Meeker, CO 81641
Phone: (970) 878-3384

Western Outdoor Adventures, is excited to offer you, some of the world-class antelope hunting in Northwest Colorado. Our Colorado antelope hunts are conducted on some of the finest private ranches in the The White River Valley. Northwest Colorado is famous for its large herds of antelope and is consistently producing record-class animals. Northwest Colorado, is one of the most sought after trophy antelope hunting areas in the West.

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Ivory & Antler Outfitters
5027 Northern Lights Dr. Unit D, Fort Collins, CO 80528
Phone: (720) 218-4677

You will have the opportunity to hunt two private ranches (35,000 acres) Tags in our units are very tough to draw, but there are a limited number of landowner vouchers available for the area, and due to the very limited draw in these units, there are some giant bucks that inhabit the area. We do spot and stalk when possible, or offer ground blinds over water holes. This is a perfect option for a combo elk/pronghorn hunt and is perfect those early season elk hunters if they want to hunt elk in the mornings and evenings and hunt pronghorn in the middle of the day and early afternoon.

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Redbone Outfitting
1938 Thundermutt, Corvallis, MT 59828
Phone: (406) 370-5419

Our Antelope hunts are in Montana's hunting district 620. Permits in this area are by drawing only, however the drawing odds are very good for rifle permits and 100% successful for archery permits. Success rate on rifle antelope is 100% and as you can see we harvest some very nice bucks.

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Big Sky Outfitters
22 Lake Creek Road, Volborg, MT 59351
Phone: (406) 554-3555

Big Sky Outfitters has provided quality managed rifle, archery and muzzleloader hunts for for over 20 years.

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Hunt The Rackett
9250 Road 193, Lewellen, NE 69147
Phone: (303) 680-2462

Hunt the Racket provides guided antelope hunts. The varying terrain we offer provides nutrients that produce trophy class animals! When making your decision, as where to have your big game hunt remember the Rackett! We are located just a short distance from Denver and we can provide your transportation to and from Denver!

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G&J Outdoors
22055 Porcupine Ridge Rd, Colfax, CA 95713
Phone: (530) 263-0492

In Nevada, we are licensed to guide antelope hunts for the entire state. With our thorough scouting, you can expect to see bucks every day with the possibility of a B&C buck. Lodging and meals are included in your 4 day hunt. The application deadline for antelope is mid-April in Nevada and June 1 in California.We also offer landowner antelope tags. The season runs in August and September.

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New Mexico

Sierra Blanca Outfitters
PO BOX 71, Chacon, NM 87713
Phone: (505) 429-2887

Welcome to Sierra Blanca Outfitters. We are a licensed and insured outfitter out of Holman, New Mexico. Owned and operated by Peter Romero, a very experienced hunter of all New Mexico species. We have an abundance of land available to us throughout the state of New Mexico.

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H&A Outfitters, Inc.
P.O. Box 16461, Santa Fe, NM 87592
Phone: (505) 474-6959

H&A Outfitters pronghorn antelope hunts take place on private ranches and state lands throughout New Mexico. These are three day hunts that take place from August thru October. We offer both draw hunts and hunts with a landowner permit.

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Ridgeline Outfitters
1239 Sunflower Ave, Belen, NM 87002
Phone: (602) 469-1646

Ridgeline Outfitters has some of the finest New Mexico big game hunting for Pronghorn Antelope. Our hunts take place on private and public lands.

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Big Rim Outfitters
Winston, NM 87943
Phone: (575) 743-0448

This is an action packed 3 day hunt on our 16,000 acre private ranch. You will look over lots of bucks and have numerous opportunities to take a trophy pronghorn. Once you kill your buck we will go to the prairie dog pasture where you can test your long-range shooting skills. Great hunt for kids, wives and the success has been 100% for 30+ years.

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South Dakota

Routier Outfitting
12179 Mackey Road, Buffalo, SD 57720
Ryan: (605) 210-1440

Routier Outfitting is known for their trophy archery antelope hunting. The majority of archery antelope hunting is done using blinds over waterholes. The blinds are set up in the preseason so the antelope are used to them by the time season rolls around. If it is a really cold and wet year we put the blinds on fence crossings and on the antelopes favorite grazing spots in the agricultural fields. Spot and stalk hunting behind decoys is also a proven method. Most shots will be within 30 yards or less but the further you can comfortably shoot the better your chances are.

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Prairie Highlands Lodge
25472 288th Avenue, Wood, SD 57585
Cell: (605) 828-0104, Lodge: (605) 452-3233

Prairie Highlands Outfitters main goal is to provide you with the best hunting experience possible. Our 3200 sq. ft. log lodge sleeps 10 and includes a wet bar, pool table and lounge. We also offer two log cabins with full kitchens and bathrooms for a more private stay. There is a natural hot spring just feet from the main lodge. We provide hunting packages for prairie dog, whitetail, mule deer, pronghorn, turkey, grouse, prairie chicken and coyote hunting. 2,000 private acres and access to over 1,000,000 acres of tribal land your sure to have a blast.

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Dahl Outfitters
10519 N Camp Crook Rd, Camp Crook, SD 57724
Phone: (605) 431-9628

The majority of archery antelope hunting is done using blinds over waterholes. The blinds are set up in the preseason so the antelope are used to them by the time season rolls around. Another tactic we use will be spot and stalk behind decoys. South Dakota's archery antelope hunting season traditionally starts the third Saturday of August and goes to the end of September and then opens up again the last half of October. Antelope will average between 65 BC and 75 BC.

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Panhandle Outfitters Of Texas
13797 County Road 20, Perryton, TX 79070
Phone: (806) 228-3114

The Texas Panhandle offers some of the finest trophy Pronghorn Antelope hunting. All Pronghorn Antelope Hunts in Ochiltree County, Texas are by landowner permit only. Due to the number of permits given, Pronghorn Antelope Buck Hunts are limited. All permit fees are covered in the Trophy Pronghorn Antelope Buck Hunts base fee. With the wide open spaces you can expect a 300+ yard shot, though we have had experiences sitting on a water hole and having a 30+ yard shot. Either way, Panhandle Outfitters Of Texas will make sure you have an enjoyable and memorable hunting experience.

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Clear Creek Hunting
5103 South 3550 West, Roy, UT 84067
Mike: (801) 540-4152

Antelope hunting is definitely fun! We have an excellent CWMU located in northwest Utah where we do our Antelope hunting. There are plenty of antelope in the area to look at each day. This is a trophy buck hunt so we look to find you a buck scoring 80 B&C inches or better. We know the habitat of these curious animals and how to get you in on one. Four-wheel drive vehicles will get us in proximity of the Antelope. Spot and stalk methods are used for hunting; however, stalking can be challenging in the sagebrush flats. If you enjoy Antelope hunting, this is a hunt you’ll want to come back on.

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Bar-Nunn Hunting
253 Sodergreen Road, Laramie, WY 82070
Cell: (307) 760-4699

Experience the thrill of a lifetime while hunting Wyoming antelope here at Bar Nunn. A second generation family run outfitter, here at Bar Nunn Hunting, we know antelope. Our ranch is located west of Laramie, right along the Laramie River. Red, Ring and Jelm mountain are all within a few miles, giving this area ideal antelope habitat as well as breathtaking scenery.

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Beaver Trap Outfitters
PO Box 22, Dayton, WY 82836
Phone: (307) 461-0655

Archery hunt big buck antelope out of blinds set at waterholes on 32,000 private acres. High numbers of antelope ensure a shot. Bucks average 12-14" with bigger bucks killed every year. 100% shot opportunity and guaranteed tags.

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Powder River Pursuits
Gillette, WY 82717
Phone: (307) 267-6458

Our ranches contain hundreds of antelope, and this hunt offers almost nonstop action. It’s clear why this is our most popular antelope hunt. Mature bucks can be found in every herd and we average a very high success rate on these hunts. Trophy Antelope Hunts can take place in areas 3,4,16,17 with most areas having tag available over the counter. These areas are known for high concentrations of antelope and excellent genetics. We describe a Trophy Antelope as a buck having a 13 inch horn or longer and a Boone-Crockett score of 70 or more. We hunt hard and most antelope we take will be larger than our minimum standards. You can also add and antelope to most of our hunts.

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Devils Tower Outfitters
87 Whitetail Creek Rd, Hulett, WY 82720
Phone: (540) 392-3211

Antelope typically begin their rut during September so that is an exciting time to take a nice pope and young animal with your bow. Quality antelope are plentiful in our area and make for an enjoyable hunt. During archery we normally hunt from ground blinds near water and as rifle season comes in we may shift to some spot and stalk along with some blind hunting. Our archery packages are a 5-day hunt and rifle hunts are 3-day hunts. Both include lodging and meals. We do offer combination hunts for antelope and deer as the archery season overlap in Sept and the Nov gun season also coincide with each other. This is a fantastic way to get the full western hunting experience with two animals.

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