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Utah Antelope Hunting

Directory of 20 Utah Antelope hunting lodges, guides and outfitters in Utah.

Boulder Mountain Adventures
310 W Main , Torrey, Utah 84775
Phone: (435) 425-3660

The fun and experienced guides of Boulder Mountain Adventures have been hunting these areas for over 30 years and guiding professionally for the past 15 years. Being year round residents and on the mountain almost everyday gives us a great advantage of knowing where these trophy animals are at all times and where they go when they are not where they are supposed to be. Our scouting begins in the spring and summer months while guiding fly fishing and fly fishing pack trips. The key factors to a successful hunt are being able to locate the game, knowing the nature of the species you are pursuing and having the ability to field score the animal prior the kill. We at Boulder Mountain Adventures pride ourselves in these skills.

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Bucks & Bulls Guides & Outfitters
270 N. Main St., Lindon, Utah 84042
Phone: (801) 785-5050

Our guides spend several days out of the year preseason scouting to ensure our hunters the best chance at the biggest bucks on these ranches. All of our guides are very competent and have many years of experience guiding antelope hunts. These hunts are three full days and are typically guided one-on-one. We are currently booking these hunts one to two years in advance so please call early to secure your hunt.

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Clear Creek Hunting
5103 South 3550 West, Roy, Utah 84067
Mike: (801) 540-4152

Antelope hunting is definitely fun! We have an excellent CWMU located in northwest Utah where we do our Antelope hunting. There are plenty of antelope in the area to look at each day. This is a trophy buck hunt so we look to find you a buck scoring 80 B&C inches or better. We know the habitat of these curious animals and how to get you in on one. Four-wheel drive vehicles will get us in proximity of the Antelope. Spot and stalk methods are used for hunting; however, stalking can be challenging in the sagebrush flats. If you enjoy Antelope hunting, this is a hunt you’ll want to come back on.

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Double C Guides & Outfitters
418 East 1420 North, Tooele, Utah 84074
Jon: (801) 979-8843, Neil: (801) 349-0059

Our Pronghorn hunts take place on either the Plateau unit or the Book Cliffs Cisco unit. Both of these units have produced some great pronghorn bucks over the years with the Cisco unit holding better trophy potential.

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FNH Outfitters
Leeds, Utah 84746
Phone: (435) 590-3695

F-N-H Outfitters, located in beautiful Southern Utah, is committed to your hunt. Whether it be limited or premium entry, Elk, Deer, Rocky mountain goat, Pronghorn, Coyote or Turkey; we will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience while hunting for your trophy. We operate on both public and private lands and service southern Utah, including Plateau Boulder, Mt. Dutton, Zion, and Paunsaugunt just to name a few. We are happy to provide service to you for the Archery, muzzleloader and rifle hunts. Our goal is that our clients complete their hunt with a memory that will last a lifetime and a trophy that they can't wait to share.

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Gone Hunting Outfitter
387 East 520 South, Monroe, Utah 84754
Cell: (435) 979-4071

Antelope hunts in Utah are relatively easy. The hard part is finding a buck with any size. Both draw and auction tags are available. Give us a call so we can determine what options are best to serve your needs.

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Hightop Outfitters
Richfield, Utah 84701
Phone: (435) 979-1486

If you want to test your shooting skills on some of the funnest hunting out there, you need to get yourself an antelope tag. They don’t call these animals speed goats for nothing! You can expect to harvest an antelope in the 70″ to 80″ range on most units in the state of Utah. Let us put our skills and knowledge of the area to work for you! Antelope tags can be obtained through Utah’s big game draw, or by purchasing a 100% tax deductible conservation tag.

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Lazy Bar T Outfitters
8526 South 4800 West, Payson, Utah 84651
Phone: (801) 794-2503

We here at Lazy Bar T Outfitters take great pride in our hunts. We will go out of our way to provide you with nice accommodations and a fun, exciting opportunity to harvest a trophy animal. You will experience some of Utah’s most beautiful mountain country. We want you to feel like a hunting partner, not just a client. It’s your hunt, your way.

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Leeder Hunting
P.O. Box 624, New Harmony, Utah 84757
Phone: (435) 691-1116

Leeder Hunting is a quality guide and outfitter for Pronghorn Antelope hunting in Nevada and Utah. Our guided hunts for Pronghorn Antelope begin with archery season in early August. The rifle season for Pronghorn Antelope begins in late August and runs through late September. Antelope hunting is a very relaxing low pressure hunt to start the fall hunting season. Normally, archers hunting Pronghorn Antelope will hunt from ground blinds while rifle hunters will use the spot and stalk approach. Pronghorn Antelope hunting is great for any hunter from beginners to seasoned veterans.

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Mecham Outfitters
50 South 781 West, Tropic, Utah 84776
Phone: (435) 679-8823

We are a small yet personal outfitter located in The Southern Part of Utah. We have been hunting these mountains for over 25 years. We specialize in hunts on the Mt. Dutton, Boulder Mt. and Paunsaugunt units. Our goal is to give you a real hunting experience, in some of the most spectacular country you will ever hunt in. We offer Elk, Deer, Pronghorn, Lion, Bear, Bobcat, and Turkey. Our hunts include 5 days of hunting on public land, lodging, and meals. We hunt horse /mule back. ATV, 4 wheel drive, and Hiking. Pronghorn: If you are looking for a fun hunt. We have one limited entry unit. Mt Dutton/paunsaugunt.

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Mossback Guides & Outfitters
992 S 480 W , Salem, Utah 84653
Phone: (801) 423-535

MossBack specializes in trophy hunts for people who draw that tag of a lifetime. We also guide conservation and governor tags which are a tax write off. With 15 years experience and many days of scouting MossBack will give you a hunt of a lifetime

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Pines Ranch Outfitters
HC 13 - Box 460, Fairview, Utah 84629
Phone: (435) 427-9592, Cell: (801) 821-3181

Pines Ranch Outfitters can provide you with a variety of hunts including: Bobcat, Antelope, Desert Big Horn Sheep, Shiras Moose, Bear, Buffalo and Coyotes. We are pleased to offer Summer Fishing Tours as well!

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R & K Hunting Company
80 W. 100 S. P.O. Box 357, Henefer, Utah 84033
Phone: (435) 655-5484

Hunting these prairie speedsters is a blast! Not only is the cost a fraction of what you'd pay for most big game species, you're virtually assured the opportunity of seeing lots of game, with plenty of shot opportunity, and your odds of going home with an animal are very high.

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Shane Scott Outfitting L.L.C
P.O. Box 61, Richfield, Utah 84701
Phone: (435) 201-4088

Utah has some excellent antelope units. The bucks we harvest generally score from 70 to 80. The tags for these hunts and seasons can be drawn out in the Utah Online Public Big Game Drawing or purchased at a Conservation Tag Auction.

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Strawberry Bay Outfitters
23 US-40, Heber City, Utah 84032
Phone: (435) 548-2500, Phone: (435) 548-2261

Royal elk, monster mule deer, pheasant, dove, sage hen, grouse, quail -- even duck and geese -- all abound around Strawberry, and staying with us in luxury instead of freezing in a tent -- what more could you ask? Our lodging is everything you could ask for right here in the middle of the action.

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The R & K Hunting Company
80W 100 N, Henefer, Utah 84033
Justin: (435) 655-5484, Daniel: (801) 510-5847

The reasons people hunt antelope are as varied as the people who hunt them. An antelope is a great animal to harvest for a beginning hunter, the price for a guided antelope hunt is more affordable than for other big game, or maybe you just want to check out hunting in the western United States.

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Triple H Hunting
P.O. Box 580, Levan, Utah 84639
Bruce: (435) 623-744 , Craig: (435) 623-1016

Trophy Antelope Hunts. We are licensed to hunt Antelope in the State of Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado California, and Oregon. Trophy Antelope Hunts. 3-5 Days. Success rate of 99%. Guaranteed Permits available in Utah, Colorado and Nevada. Contact Us now for more information

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Wade Lemon Hunting
PO Box 222, Holden, Utah 84636
Phone: (435) 795-2299

Each year our clients harvest some of the largest Antelope taken throughout the state of Utah. Our guides spend countless hours in the field pre-scouting to ensure the quality of your hunt. Utah has some excellent antelope units.

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West Canyon Ranch
975 West Canyon Road, Paradise, Utah 84328
Office: (435) 770-3421

WELCOME TO OUR HIGH FENCE HUNTING RANCH IN UTAH WHERE WE OFFER GUIDED HUNTS Hidden in the heart of the northern Wasatch Mountains, West Canyon Ranch, a guaranteed hunting ranch in Utah, is 4,000 acres of breathtaking scenery. Hills and valleys are decorated with streams, ponds, and greenery of all types. Filled with hundreds of elk, bison, turkeys, and everything in-between, the ranch is a hunter’s dream.

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Western Lands Outfitters
PO Box 13258, Ogden, Utah 84412
Phone: (801) 430-0876

Western Lands Outfitters is a Utah-based business, which specializes in big game hunting opportunities and long-range shooting schools. There are opportunities to hunt mule deer, elk, antelope, shhiras moose, rocky mountain goats, desert bighorns, buffalo, rocky mountain bighorn, cougars, white-tail deer, aoudad sheep, hogs and turkeys. Many of these hunts take place on large private ranches with guaranteed landowner vouchers.

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