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Ivory & Antler Outfitters

Ivory & Antler Outfitters
Earl Oesterling - Owner
5027 Northern Lights Dr. Unit D
Fort Collins, CO 80528

Contact Info:
Phone: (720) 218-4677


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Welcome to Ivory & Antler Outfitters

It is our mission at Ivory & Antler Outfitters to provide a life long memory at an affordable price. At Ivory & Antler Outfitters we understand how important it is for our clients to have the very best experience at a truly affordable price! Our primary focus is to give our clients a memorable experience that is top quality. The memories you make with us will last a lifetime. Our hospitality and ranch steeped in hunting traditions will have you coming back to visit again!

Pronghorn Antelope Hunting in Colorado

You will have the opportunity to hunt two private ranches (35,000 acres) Tags in our units are very tough to draw, but there are a limited number of landowner vouchers available for the area, and due to the very limited draw in these units, there are some giant bucks that inhabit the area. We do spot and stalk when possible, or offer ground blinds over water holes. This is a perfect option for a combo elk/pronghorn hunt and is perfect those early season elk hunters if they want to hunt elk in the mornings and evenings and hunt pronghorn in the middle of the day and early afternoon.

2021 Antelope Hunt Rates

Hunts are offered as 1 on 1 guided. Landowner vouchers are typically available in this unit, but each landowner charges their own fee for the voucher, you can expect to pay up to $1000 for a voucher depending on the landowner and weapon of choice.

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Colorado Hunting Accommodations

You will be staying in an authentic ranch house on a historic ranch site. There are several other 1800’s cattle operation buildings on site and a pond on which you will see plenty of ducks and geese. The three bedroom house sleeps 8 comfortably. When the weather gets bad, which it will in the later seasons, we have a washer and dryer so you can be as comfortable as possible out in the elements. There is a comfortable living room with Direct TV, a full bathroom with shower, and a kitchen with all the cooking utilities needed to make sure you are well fed by our in camp cooks. If you have special needs, please let Earl know what you will need so we can plan accordingly.

About Ivory & Antler Outfitters

In today’s environment, we know how much a hunting trip can cost, and unless you have previously built a relationship with an outfitter… well, we have all heard the stories of questionable outfitters who do not understand how much your time and investment are worth. The fact is, without the time you need to visit all the places you would like to go, you run the risk of spending a lot of hard earned cash and precious time on a hunt or vacation in which you end up feeling less than satisfied. At Ivory & Antler Outfitters, we understand as we have had those experiences ourselves, and we understand how important it is for our clients to have the very best experience at a truly affordable price!

Reasonable pricing does not mean that we compromise on quality. To the contrary, our primary focus is on giving our clients a high-quality experience. The memories created from just one visit to a place as steeped in hunting traditions as it is in hospitality will leave you wanting to come back and visit again and again. Although we offer mostly hunting adventures, we also offer a vacation retreat in the Rocky Mountains. If you like to hike, fish, snowmobile, cross country ski, or are just looking for a quiet place with a touch of the old west, contact us to talk about a great place to spend a quiet week with nature re-discovering the west that the settlers found as they moved into this region of Colorado.